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Our unique 'Selling Outsourcing' workshop is available as a comprehensive video based training program.
It can be a standalone asynchronous delivery or it can form part of an online live training.

A popular hybrid delivery model looks like this:

  • A sales manager will get a specific instructor guide to run the workshop
  • Sales teams then meet in a room or on a conference bridge watch the videos simultaneously and use the built-in cues for stopping the tape and thinking/discussing what they've heard in their own context
  • People in virtual or actual groups complete the formal exercises as small teams. The exercises and solution videos will be part of the course package

We will provide additional suggestions on how to get the most out of the training. The course will be streamed from the internet, so it is key that all have connectivity with reasonable performance (DSL - 3MBps downstream minimum).

One Day One, while running through the course, the sales manager maintains a whiteboard or a list with all the things that are unclear to the team for a Q&A with our expert consultant on the next day. If you engage in the exercises as and where demanded, this should take you about three quarters of a day, then people can go away and attend to the day’s other business .


 On day two first thing in the morning we will conduct a 4 hour live webinar, with these objectives:

1) A quick quiz where delegates check their understanding and learning progress

2) A short general discussion about what people have learnt in the video, the consultant's perspective on the key topics

3) Work through the team's list of questions

4) Some further drilling in the key financial topics, 

5) A challenging interactive 'objection handling' session

6) Action planning, practical implementation/execution on the job, concerns, further need of support etc.


If desired, there is an online exam to conclude the course.


If you are a training evaluator pls contact us for your free evaluation access to the course.