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Our highly successful Workshop on how to sell Cloud, Outsourcing and Managed Services is available in a web-based-training format.

Whilst the intensity of the class-based version cannot be beat, a web-based delivery has a number of advantages of its own:

  • Reduced time off the road for sales teams
  • Savings on hotel venues cost and accomodation
  • Savings on travel cost
  • Fliexible schedule to accomodate peoples' busy schedules

For example a model we ran in the past is for people to attend two hours a day during an entire week early in the morning and late in the evening. Result: Zero time off the road.

We use one of the most expensive and highly powered electronic training platforms. This enables us to create an action packed web-based delivery with loads of activities, virtual break-outs, quizzes, stimulating tasks and a lot of discussion. Video delivery is an option too to maximise participant engagement.