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How to sell Cloud-Outsourcing-Managed Service

                      In this one-day workshop, delegates learn to articulate the financial value of your solution and how to prepare and survive the CFO conversation. It includes deep-dives into professional investment appraisal as well as financing options such as different forms of leasing.


Who is it for?

Most every capital goods salesperson we met (and we met many) cited:

"being able to talk to the CFO and providing an ROI business case that holds water"

as one of their most urgently missing ingredients to success in selling to decision makers in B2B.

This workshop adresses that need. The seminar is targeted at people in sales, presales or marketing of B2B investment goods. The day’s promise is that on completion you will have seen 95% of what you will ever need to know about finance to be successful in B2B capital goods sales.

The class continually receives average satisfaction ratings in excess of 96% from participants from small businesses to some of the world’s largest IT organisations.



  1. In ‘classroom' format, delegates physically come together to enjoy the workshop.
  2. The E-version uses web collaboration as a medium. Delegates participate from their computer to save travel and and productivitycosts.
As always, the workshop is available in English or German language.

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The ROI Workshop - Agenda