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Classroom Sales Training: How to sell Cloud-Outsourcing-Managed Service

How to sell Cloud-Outsourcing-Managed Services

          In this two-day course we explore how to sell Cloud-, Managed, Hosted and Outsourced Services. The focus is on the financial and strategic implications of outsourcing on your customer. We learn how to get, survive and follow-up on the Outsourcing C-Level Meeting.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations who need to increase their service revenues in absolute or relative terms
  • Organisations introducing new Outsourcing/Managed/Hosted/Cloud Services
  • Organisations wishing to improve traction of existing high-value services within their direct salesforce
  • Organisations selling high-value services through the indirect channel


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By the end of the course, participants will understand:


  • Who the relevant Buying Centers are for a Managed/Hosted/Outsourced deal and how to address each one in turn
  • How a CFO evaluates Capital Investments (in financial detail, do not expect superficial value selling babble ("You need to sell the value of the solution" etc. We look at HOW to actually do that)
  • What a serious Business Case looks like,
  • Which numbers the account team needs to prepare in order to survive the financial customer discussion
  • There are only three ways to develop a new Managed Service/Outsourcing opportunity, we explain what they are
  • Opportunity indicators and the ideal sales process for each one of the three ways
  • How to pitch Managed Services/Outsourcing at CFO/CIO Level
  • The 10 most common objections against Managed Services/Outsourcing and how to deal with them


Agenda for Seminar about selling Cloud Managed Services and Outsourcing