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Beyond the power point presentation :

How to make a presentation at board level -
A two-day top-level presentation skills course coached by one of the industry's accomplished moderators.

This course is conducted in very small groups (4-5 participants max). The objective is to learn and automate the process of confidently pitching at the executive level with and without using power point presentations.

To avoid customary distractions, the course will always be conducted at an off-site venue or hotel - in house venues cannot be supportedeven if you require a single-company setup for your delegates. Also note that this is a course for a very advanced audience. All applicants have to pass an entry online assessment of their presentation skills as well as language skills before being admitted to the course.

We use video feedback throughout, so your explicit consent is required for that. Every delegate receives a professional HD recording of their end-of-workshop speech as a take away for further self-improvement.

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