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Information overload is one of the most common complaints of modern day knowledge workers. Everybody is now juggling multiple electronic devices, all spitting data and most of all messages at you simultaneously,

  • many of which are other people's emotional baggage or irrelevant -

  • most of which are urgent but not important - and

  • all of which eat away your time - demanding to be managed.

Next, you work in the office, you work at home, you work in commuter trains, you work in airports, hotels, on planes, in the car even, taking and making calls, you have an email account, a voicemail, a facebook account, linkedIn, twitter and gee, pretty soon we are talking about ONE heck of a mess.

I work with top-managers a lot in my consulting work. You know what the difference is between real senior people and those who are still on their way trying to get there?

Real senior people exercise 100% control over their environment, especially their media and messaging exposure. They control their environment, they are not being controlled. They don't TAKE calls, they MAKE calls. THEY decide when they are available and when they aren't. Any time you see somebody dropping everything they're doing, even turning away from you in mid-sentence responding to the cacophony of one of their devices, you know you are talking to a junior or a junior in mind. It doesn't matter what their business card says they are. The key concept here is CONTROL. Unless you get in CONTROL you will be CONTROLLED by other people.

In this course we will show you tons of practical real-life tricks for getting organized and starting to take control of the flood of information, messages and files that you have to deal with every single day.

We will show you

  • How to organize your files in a way that every single file you create or receive has a clear, predetermined home on your hard disk or server,
  • How to manage your files so that you are able to easily and reliably find each and every file on your computer with a maximum of three clicks or so
  • How to create a personal document submission system that is your own personal postman, serving tasks and associated files to you on the very day that you need them. It will be impossible to forget things in the future if you implement this
  • How to never again miss calling a client that was on a business trip when you last called 10 days ago and today would have been the day to call them, only something came up and you forgot.
  • A system for task management that in our opinion is second to none and that will strongly boost your efficiency and effectiveness
  • How to manage your time. Actually once you implement our system for task management, you may forget about time management. It becomes automatic

 I have been researching personal effectiveness for 20 years now and this system is the result of those 20 years of trying to find the absolute best system there is. It is still not perfect and I hope it never will be, because I actually enjoy tweaking it and making it better, but I promise you, it is better than 90 of everything you will find in the market. Write us an email and sign-up. Even if you pay for this yourself, it will probably be one of the best investments you will have made in a very long time.

I am looking forward to meeting you.