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 Massive scalability - fast time to market - cost effectiveness

Coming from a classical consulting background a customer asked us some years ago to convert the roll-out of a global Managed Service sales initiative to web & video for new hires and people who missed the rollout. Since then we have been doing so much of this kind of work, we've actually become very good at it. What's more, since we come to this from the angle of learning and not TV, we broke some of the unbreakable rules of TV production and have developed a pragmatic production process capable of saving significant moneys.




Our offering is a full-service support of your E-Education/E-Communication initiative. Here's what we can do for you:


    • Create internal (employees) or external (customers, partners, channels) A/V training and communication programmes
    • A/V Documentation of your real-life meetings, congresses and events for post-event distribution
    • Fully virtual congresses, virtual product launches
    • For classical E-Learning projects we team up with your subject matter experts to convert their messaging into media that people will actually enjoy watching or listening to
    • A/V production from full-HD for digital signage to just an audio podcast for your peoples' iphones. We're agnostic on the type of media - the purpose and budget will dictate media, Flash, video, audio or all of the above
    • Professional Greenscreen studio for presenters
    • Fully mobile Broadcast-grade Greenscreen studio that we can errect on your premises. That's if you want to use your own people as presenters and would like the mountain to come to the prophet.
    • Create comprehensive online testing and certification
    • Full project management of your inititative


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