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More than just the most senior sales guy

Nature's bliss to mankind is that we don't have to see ourselves all the time

The other side of the coin however is that we can't see ourselves even when it was important we could. That's why high powered professional actors or dancers use a large mirror all the time.

 The trick in the performing arts is to use the mirror for so long until your neural system understands and internalizes what a specific look on the outside feels like on the inside. Our coaching sessions are that mirror for your professional performance as a sales manager or high-powered account manager. 

While our job is to make you challenge yourself, our approach tries to be kind and sympathetic. Sometimes this simply means listening while your brain catches up with itself, sometimes it means pointing you in a certain direction, sometimes it means reassuring you that what feels uncomfortable is in fact the right thing to do objectively and sometimes this means arguing with you, so that you can sharpen your rhethoric instruments.

 Sometimes it is a simulation of an upcoming important event, sometimes it is just a boring progress check against an agreed schedule.

 The art of the coach is to figure out what it is you need in order to make the next step and then focus all your energies on that very next step, until you can tick it off the list and focus on the next- next step.

 Please inquire if you feel you might benefit from a conversation with a senior external coach. Video coaching sessions are very efficient and in the simplest case, between 2-5 sessions of 45 minutes each might be enough to solve an immediate problem standing in the way of your objectives.

To get started, apply today for your initial free 45min session. This is a no risk, no-strings-attached offering, so if you've read this far, you might as well drop us an email.


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