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Discussing ideas and decisions with your director peers can be difficult while you haven't yet completely made up your mind about an issue.

Often these decisons might have far-reaching consequences or might directly impact other
directors' budgets or headcounts, so premature publicity could be outright dangerous.


On the other hand, just talking about something is still by far the fastest and most efficient path to clarity of mind. The logical consequence is to turn to an outside partner to sparr new ideas, discuss tough decisions or get a neutral opinion, unbiased by the internal power struggle.

You'll want to find someone to be:

  • on your wavelength in principal
  • experienced enough so they understand what you are talking about
  • different enough an individual from yourself to generate ideas you hadn't thought of already
  • independent enough to punch holes in your latest and greatest idea


Fact: The only way to find a suitable coaching partner is to actually try someone out!


We therefore offer you a free 45 minute live video consultation, no strings attached. We'll also provide the collaboration technology, all you'll need is a web browser and a phone. A webcam is optional but would be a definite plus.

We're happy to discuss any of the following or similar symptoms with you:

  • You're concerned because your sales pipeline is empty
  • Your gross margins are eroding
  • You feel like you don't have the right calibre of sales people for the job at hand
  • Your sales people appear to be unmanageable
  • Your sales can't cold-call
  • You would like to install a contact-center based inside-sales function
  • You salespeople sell on price where you need them to sell on value
  • You'd like to re-structure your sales from regional to vertical or v.v.
  • You'd like to introduce a key account structure
  • You lose old accounts faster than you can sign-up new ones
  • You have introduced new products or services and sales are ignoring them
  • You have doubts about the effectiveness of your sales incentive structure


This offer is for individuals at director's, VP or C-level. Besides that, our only condidtion is that (post-NDA naturally) you email us a brief summary of the issue you would like to discuss and what you would like to have achieved by the end of the call. This will enable us to make a judgment about whether or not we think we can help you and avoid wasting your time.

  • If the issue gets resolved in those
    free 45 minutes - good for you.
    Remember us next time.  
  • If things are more complex than that
    and you find our conversation
    stimulating we invite you to book a
    short string of sessions to follow up
    until the issue at hand is resolved.
  • We'll keep the cost to a minimum by using the
    latest collaboration technology, although for paid sessions,
    in situ or offsite meetings are possible too, where practical
  • If the chemistry doesn't work the way you had wished,
    we on our part will book it under cost of sales
    and you simply move on, no money changes hands.
    Any information you may have provided gets destroyed
    for which you'll get written confirmation - 
    specifying the algorithm we used for data-shredding.



This is a completely risk-free offer, so:

  Email us to book your FREE 45 minute video consultation in English or German